About us

“EmaBride” is a long-standing manufacturer of wedding, evening and children’s dresses, as well as accessories to match them.

What we provide our customers with are not just dresses from the manufacturer, these are the results of many years of work in the wedding market. Products of the "EmaBride" brand have been manufactured for more than 10 years. That is why we can say with confidence that you are visiting the site of true professionals. Our team is highly skilled craftsmen who devote all their time to creating unique and truly beautiful dresses.


In the manufacture, we put the main focus on wedding dresses, because this is the outfit that a girl puts on on the most important and happy day of her life. When preparing for a wedding, it is the wedding dress that is given the most time and requires the most effort on finding it.

We have been engaged in the manufacture of wedding dresses for many years, we follow all global trends, fashion trends and keep tabs on works of famous designers. All fashion trends novelties and changes are subsequently reflected in our collections. Our models of wedding dresses have enslaved hearts and continue doing this with thousands of brides around the world. Our wedding dresses are of high quality and do not lack distinction. We are personally responsible for each dress tailoring process, as well as the fabrics quality.


Another significant product line is our evening dresses. A beautiful dress is an essential attribute of every girl's wardrobe. A large wardrobe filled with beautiful dresses is more than just a dream for every woman. Our direct responsibility is to make this dream come true. We create a large selection of evening and cocktail dresses, of high quality and at affordable prices.


We also delight the youngest ladies who still dream of growing up and becoming real princesses. In the meantime, let them wear these queen gowns. Our collections of children dresses include a variety of clothes, which can be put on for special joyful occasions, such as birthdays or dining with a child at a restaurant. Also, our models are a good choice for matinees.


Every dress, no matter how wonderful and stunning it is, requires accessories as well. We offer our customers wedding wraps and baby coats, to look elegant even in cold seasons. We have petticoats of various volume as well for a dress to look truly royal.



"EmaBride" is seeking cooperation with wholesale buyers who care about the quality of their goods.