Trends of evening dresses 2020: new models from Ema Bride

Beautiful evening dresses 2020

 The variety and elegance of the new collection from the wholesale manufacturer Ema Bride let each lady feel confident at any event. We want to offer you the best trends in evening dresses in 2020. These models are unique; they are created by the talented and experienced designers who know exactly what the consumer wishes.

We are ready to help you order evening dresses 2020 on wholesale in accordance with the latest trends.

 Review of trends of evening dresses 2020

Do you want to be in trend? The Ema Bride  brand creates designer fashionable evening dresses for the 2020 season, autumn-winter, which bestow completeness on image  and make any lady’s dreams come true.

Overview of fashion trends presented in the online catalog:

  •          Lightness of fabrics;
  •          Deep cuts;
  •          Transparent textures;
  •          Shiny fabrics;
  •          Stylish decor: embroideries, bead elements, applications;
  •          Sequins, metallic shine of accessories;
  •          Uncovered back, shoulders and décolleté;
  •          Bright and rich colors;
  •          Lace elements.

We offer you the best  novelties at reasonable prices!

Ema Bride creates exclusive and popular dresses

The manufacturing company Ema Bride is engaged in tailoring and selling exclusive dresses, thanks to which every lady will be able to shine at the event and surprise guests. We create popular models the same as the well-known foreign brands offer. The fashion industry is constantly developing, but we are confidently keeping up with it and delight Ukrainian customers with new stylish outfits. Cooperation with us will allow you to buy evening dresses on wholesale at a bargain price on time.

Exclusive Graceful 2020 Collection

The new Exclusive Graceful collection successfully combines the best trends of evening dresses 2020. We are glad to create the high-quality masterpieces of modern fashion for you that will be in demand in salons and stores.

Long evening dresses

Among the long dresses in the collection, the following stand out:

· Gorgeous beige and black gown, with a luxurious decor on the chest and back, with a translucent top in front and behind. Magnificent feathers embellish the shoulders.

 Пышное вечернее платье 2020

·        Delicate multilayer dress with drapery on the neck and a translucent top, and  heart-shaped neckline and luxurious floral applique on a corset.Пудровое вечернее платье 2020

·        A noble A-line on the one strap with a velor top, descending single-layer hem of a shiny fabric and a small trainsmall train.Контрастное вечернее плаье 2020

·        Delicate close-fitting “mermaid” style dress with a small train and a one strap over the neck. On the neckline and sides there is a luxurious bead decor.

Голубое вечернее платье

·        Voluminous, intense color  with a thin and laconic belt, V-neckline, tulle top layer and lacing on the back.

Фатиновое вечернее платье 2020

·       A  multi-layered A-line dress of pink colour, with floral embroidery on a corset, with a heart-shaped neckline and lowered shoulderline.

Нежное розовое вечернее платье 2020

·         Stylish A-line dress made of descending satin fabric, with split corset and translucent element on the chest. The uncovered back is decorated by lacing.Красное вечернее платье 2020

Short models of dresses

Among the short models of dresses, the following dresses stand out:

· Incredible black puffy dress with floral embroidery on the belt, split corset and transparent top, complemented by long transparent sleeves. 

Короткое вечернее платье 2020

·        A two-layer A-silhouette dress  in intense colour, embroidered with sequins and a sleeves, with a heart-shaped neckline. Красивое вечернее платье 2020

·         Gorgeous multi-layered A-silhouette gown in bright blue colors. A voluminous skirt with a tulle top is decorated with expressive floral applique. The upper part of the corset and long sleeves are made of transparent beige fabric

Вечернее платье с 3Д цветами 2020

Midi-lengths dresses

Midi length gowns are also in demand this season. We have prepared the following dresses for you:

· A multilayer beige dress decorated with floral embroidery and beads. Small translucent sleeves are decorated with a floral design.

Вечернее платье миди 2020

·   Luxurious white A-silhouette outfit with embossed texture, floral design on the belt and shoulders, ¾ sleeve with folds.

Вечернее платье длины миди

·        Delicate, pleasant color dress of the A-silhouette, with lowered shoulders, a heart-shaped corset and a floral applique on the belt.Вечернее платье с портретным декольте 2020

Wholesale evening dresses for salons

Evening dresses 2020, the fashion trends of which are embodied in our dresses, will become an adornment of your evening fashion salon. Fashionable styles and colors will help create an impeccable image for celebrations such as New Year, Birthday, graduation or any other event.

We give you the opportunity to buy modern evening dresses 2020  profitably. In the catalog you can find photos and a complete review of the new collection from the well-known brand in Ukraine.