Review of wedding dress trends of 2020

Best wedding dresses 2020 from the manufacturer

 For the future bride there is nothing more pleasant than choosing a wedding dress. We propose to consider the most current wedding dress trends of 2020.

Such dresses will not only correspond to the fashion trends of this year, but also fit perfectly the figure, emphasizing its advantages and hiding disadvantages.

Ema Bride always follows trends and, moreover, sets them with its creative design solutions. Our products can satisfy the most demanding customer and make her look perfect on the most important day. 

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The main wedding dress trends of 2020

Wedding fashion does not stand still and is constantly changing, and has long ceased to be conservative. This season, designers offer a completely new trend, making the image of the bride even more creative and sophisticated. The world's leading designers have already demonstrated the most relevant trends in wedding fashion, and we can already imagine what the collection of wedding dresses in 2020 will look like.

In turn, Ema Bride also offers chic and very beautiful dresses for brides that will look great. On our website, a wide range of trending models are presented that will surely attract your visitors. We always follow world news and create our own unique wedding dresses, which are distinguished by excellent quality and beauty.

 In the new collections we have embodied such current trends:

·   monochrome and minimalism. Many celebrities choose this option, while not having any fancy details on the dress, they look great in the image of a bride. Such minimalism can be supplemented with unusual or voluminous accessories that will complete the image and make it unique;

·   feathers. Such dresses look light and give airiness and weightlessness. Outfits with feather decor are unusual and original;

· asymmetry. Wedding fashion involves the asymmetry of the hem, which will emphasize the harmony of the bride. For example, dresses that will have a short hem in front and a long train in the back will look very beautiful and fashionable;

· volume. The magnificent and chic princess dress is still trendy. To achieve such pomp, it is even recommended to use a petticoat - so the wedding dress will look even more voluminous. But in the majority, multiple layering of the fabric is used to achieve the effect. 

 Design novelties and fresh looks

Fashionable wedding dresses in 2020 involve the introduction of many new trends in the images of brides. Ema Bride offers several new variations, such as fluffy sleeves, these are motifs that are among the top new trends. Such elements make the image of the bride original and sophisticated. A cloak, for example, will add lightness and tenderness.

 Wedding dresses from the 2020 collection suggest a change in conservative white, so the color of avocados comes into fashion. This soft green tint will be associated with youth and tenderness. Ginger color will also be in fashion, which will replace the classic champagne. Hand embroidery is still very much appreciated and remains relevant.

 The most popular styles of wedding dresses in 2020

Upcoming trends in wedding fashion offer a variety of styles. The popular one are the following:

·    mermaid or godet dress - we offer these models in a minimalist style;

The most popular styles of wedding dresses in 2020

·   a puffy or ball dress with lace sleeves. The outfit is suitable for a classic celebration, looks very impressive and chic;

The main wedding dress trends of 2020

· A-line dress on the straps will fit perfectly on any type of figure;

Fashionable wedding dresses in 2020

· a wedding dress with a soft skirt-train emphasizes the waist and creates an airy image due to flowing fabrics. 


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