Wedding Apparel Wholesaling

Wedding apparel wholesaling is one of the most successful and quite profitable businesses, both in Ukraine and in other countries of the world.

Every year more and more entrepreneurs decide to start this business: new wedding fashion stores open, new brands rise, and many private-label manufacturers of wedding products appear.

And for as long as wedding celebration is a pageant, as it is today, the demand for wedding dresses will also be high. This will ensure cost-effective functioning of wedding salons and manufacturing enterprises. 

For many years, our Company has specialized in the manufacturing and wholesaling wedding dresses to wedding salons for retail purposes. We provide loyal conditions for cooperation, therefore, wedding outfits by EmaBride are in the markets of many cities of Ukraine , Europe, Russia and the countries of the Caucasus. We are committed to helping brides create stunning and unforgettable images by offering them wedding dresses we make.

 Formula for success of our wedding dresses

Why are retailing and wholesaling of wedding dresses with our label successful in all parts of the world? The answer is rather simple: commitment. Each owner of the wedding salon wants to have a unique and high-quality product to offer, and we supports their aspirations. Our wedding dresses are special due to their original and perfect design, and also high quality, – we know what brides draw their attention to. It’s not enough to buy a beautiful dress, it’s very important to feel perfect in it. For tailoring apparel we use branded fabrics and decorating materials which, thanks to the skill of our colleagues, turn into unique wedding dresses and look simply perfect. In addition, we follow wedding fashion trends and offer new wedding dress collections each season. This allows us to regularly supply our customers with the most recent products meeting trends of the season. With all this, prices for our wedding dresses remain affordable, they are not overpriced.

If you have to replenish or supplement the assortment of your wedding salon with new products, we are pleased to offer our services.

Buy wedding dresses wholesale directly on the website of our manufacturer’s online store.