Types of wedding dresses

Типы свадебных платьев

On your wedding every bride wants to be unique, but not everyone can pick out the optimal variant dresses that will fit for her. Company Elena Morar on a wholesale manufacturer of wedding dresses and accessories ( wedding coats ), wants to tell you about the types of fashionable wedding dresses 2015 year to facilitate your choice.

Luxury Wedding Dressesis suitable for most girls. It will probably never go out of style and will always be a symbol of luxury and smell. These dresses often on corsets that you can hide some defects figures modeled it wrong. Modern Luxury Wedding Dresses splendor of his reach not using multi-layer fabric, and using the crinoline, which is convenient for all seasons.

Dress Empire or Greek dress.First you need to understand: what is the difference between a dress in the French Empire style dress and Greek? Common features - it's free hem, inflated waistline length on the floor. And the difference is that the Greek skirt dress in the assembly, and dresses Empire more direct. Also allows you to have a Greek dress, asymmetric necklines, cuts through the neck, and for dresses Empire characterized by the classic round and square necklines and sleeves necessarily (long, short, puffed sleeves, and so on). For antique dresses sleeves are not typical at all. But, nevertheless, these two dresses fit almost all the girls, even those who are in the "interesting" position.

dress-mermaid (dress-fish) - it is quite popular models. These wedding dresses wholesale Chernivtsi deliver all over Ukraine for the past few years. If the dress-fish will be extended with a corset, it also can put almost everyone, but ate the pay is only a layer of tissue, such a dress fit girl with a model figure.

Short wedding dress. Recently, many bridal salons often order wedding Dresses just such models. Is not it strange, just brides already tired of hiding behind layers of long skirts. This type of dress suits many girls medium and low growth with beautiful legs. In addition, this dress can not only show off her amazing figure, but also demonstrate original wedding shoes.

We hope that not only help you to understand the huge variety of wedding styles and models, and to satisfy your preferences to its current and new collections. Good luck to you a pleasant choice and a wedding!