Types of fabrics for wedding dresses

Ткани для свадебных платьев

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wedding day - a very important event, this day is a marriage between two loving hearts and souls. Newlyweds suitable for all matters relating to this day, are very sensitive and scrupulous.

But all brides are paying the most attention to their wedding dress. They are very important to know all the details and nuances, because in such a bright day you need to be not only a beautiful dress that would shine, dress should be as convenient and practical. If a girl goes in the evening dress that will constrain its movement, or corset is so tight and uncomfortable that of normal breathing can only dream of, after this bright memories do not exist at all, will be remembered only terribly uncomfortable dress that constantly myalos and get dirty. Because the future brides who are already browsing catalogs « Wedding Dresses 2015 » need to pay attention not only a style of his attire, but the fabric from which it is sewn.

The most common use of a material has been and remains silk. Wedding dresses Ukraine wizard using this material. This fabric has a very long history, admired and continue to admire the great men of this world. Silk dress looks very elegant and rich, it has the look perfect. In view of the special technology of its production, one silk thread can be up to a kilometer. High quality, this material has a gentle, flowing structure, on the front side it is smooth and shiny, with the same rough underside. Thanks to this summer, this material keeps you cool in the winter, he does not miss the cold, as it absorbs moisture. But the downside is the fact that it can be seen any spot, even from a simple water stain has dried completely, besides silk is quite problematic and wrinkled iron.

Another solution considered for dresses taffeta. It is not transparent and shiny fabric. It is quite hard because of her corsets and other manufactured products, which should keep the shape. It is also well draped and decorated.

Light, airy dresses are made of chiffon. It's pretty transparent fabric, which is very decorated dress. Chiffon is barely crumple, but you need to look after it very carefully and accurately. It is also similar to chiffon, but there is a more rigid organza.

But the most used material in the wedding business has tulle. From it created whole works of art - skirts, which may take a few tens of meters of fabric. Tulle quite practical, it does not crumple, well holds its shape, but it is an artificial material, because quite hot, and can be damaged by heat treatment.

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