Mistakes in Choosing a wedding dress

We are all well aware that in the wedding day we want to look perfect and feel on a hundred percent. Because of it the bride proceed to the election of her attire, six months before the wedding and do it with big care and delicacy.


But not infrequently happens that in the pursuit of brilliance and beauty, girls are addicted and overdoing, and as a result their dresses remain for a long time in the memory of visitors, as a negative example of the wedding dress. Sometimes happens that bad choice of the bride becomes the property of the Internet community, and then about positive memories related to your wedding, you can just forget. So, we suggest you to familiarize yourself with the most common mistakes in choosing a wedding dress.

With the very first error you may be encountered in the allocation of funds. Often people think that a dress that is worn once in a lifetime, for it it is not necessary to allocate a large bag of money, and you can save money. And the bride goes to the market and buys there the dress, it can be beautiful, but with low-quality dress. As a consequence, in the wedding day, there is a strong likelihood that the gets can go at the seams on your dress, and cutting and different parts will bring maximum inconvenience. By the end of the day you will understand the importance of high-quality and well-cut dress, but, unfortunately, it will be too late. In the case of a limited budget a good option is to buy a dress directly from the manufacturer. Because wedding dresses wholesale in Ukraine costs less because the price does not include service of the stores and cheating, in addition to this you will be able personally to check the quality. Actually, many bridal salons have become famous precisely because once decided to buy a wedding dress wholesale, and do not regret about it. Of course, you will not be able to order wedding dresses wholesale, but even retail to buy from manufacturer is more profitable.

Selecting the correct size of the wedding dress


Next, you need to pick your size to buy a comfortable as possible, dress. It also should not hang, bristling, drag or fitting too much. To buy a wedding dress before the time is not very good, because, firstly, for a long time storage it can get crumpled or stretch, and secondly, because you can nerves and lose weight, or gain weight. In both cases, the dress will not sit on you perfectly. It's best to buy a dress before a month, which precedes the wedding. Sometimes you want to buy a wedding dress studded with stones, sequins, rosettes, applications, and other decorations. To do this, we do not recommend, because when all is together it is too much, all the beauty disappears and only the eye strike over details and ornaments. Your dress should not cause association with a cake or a disco ball. Well, the last thing you should notice is the open dress. There are a large number of shapes and patterns that may good emphasize your figure, while not revealing excessive body. All the bride should be beautiful and delicate, but not vulgar and blatant. Excessive openness wedding dress can be hide, by buying wedding coat. The choice is only by you, we can not influence on your tastes, but still, it is recommended to listen to our advice, and then to your dress everybody will be envy.