Wedding Dresses 2016

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Wedding dresses of 2016 by designers of EmaBride Company

New collection of wedding dresses by designers of EmaBride Company consists of the best wedding dresses and it will be very difficult to make a right choice for many brides, because all bridal dresses are really fantastic. In a time of our new wedding dresses collection creating, our designers considered a good taste of fashion of future clients of your personal wedding stores. We hope that all future buyers will not get lost in a time of wedding dress choosing and they will be able to choose one the best wedding dress, which will help them to look like a real queen of wedding event.

Wedding dresses of 2016 by EmaBride Company

In the new collection of wedding dresses of 2016, designers of EmaBride Company have combined classic and modern, so the styles of bridal dresses are different. All depends on bride’s appearance peculiarities and the general style of wedding celebration.

The most called-for model of wedding dresses is a classical fluffy dress, because in all times many brides dream to look like real princess on their wedding celebrations. This model of wedding dress is really the most suitable thing for creating such charming wedding image. Fluffy ball dress by EmaBride Company designers consists of a great variety of interesting solutions of design, because we understand that a great number of women want to put on for their wedding event some kind of attractive fluffy bridal dress with saving of unique style. Therefore, we try to create different interesting variants of fluffy dresses:

  • Wedding dresses with opened shoulders, which have beautiful corsets that is decorated with beads, strasses and macramé;

  • Some bridal dresses models, which are combined with mittens of different length;

  • Fluffy wedding dresses, which consist of top and fluffy skirt, which looks classical and really modern in the same time.

Luxury wedding dresses with basque are very popular in our collection too. This kind of wedding dress makes shape of woman really womanlike and clear. In XVIII century women could pay much money for wedding dress with basque, but nowadays it is not a problem for each woman to buy such kind of wedding dress in the official e-shop of EmaBride Company with the most profitable prices. It will give a great opportunity for your clients to look really gorgeous on their wedding celebrations in the original wedding dress with basque.

Inexpensive, short wedding dresses with transparent long skirt look a little bit unusual, but real interesting and special. For example, model 16-44 has reserved top and long mittens. However, bottom part of dress opens attractive feet, which are covered with long skirt from tender lace. Wedding dress model 16-82 looks as luxury mini wedding dress, which is decorated in a beautiful way with macramé and transparent dress train, which can be put off if this is needed. 

As you see, wholesale wedding dress from new collection of 2016 is a great opportunity to be really special on your wedding celebration.

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