Evening dresses 2016

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It has long been known that a dress for a lady of any age is not just clothing but her representation, demonstration of her inner world, mood, and an evening beautiful dress can make every woman unique. As for New Year dress or clothes for a dining out at a restaurant or a party, then the process of its choice will take more than a day, because every adult lady in her soul is always a young princess, a coquette who want to be liked, to attract attention and fascinate.

Actual evening dresses of 2016

There are designers who make no collection without lace, so 2016 evening dresses wholesale with lace adorn the collections of Emilio de la Morena, Luisa Beccaria, Sophia Kah. A dress with lacework is a very scandalous thing, because anyone can buy it, but it will become a real jewelery only for the beauty who can correctly choose its model and color. With regard to a model, the experts recommend choosing a dress with lace taking into account the features of one's appearance, for example, if you are the owner of a slender figure, you can enjoy fully laced, tight-fitting models, and girls with curvy forms shall pay attention to dark tones that hide the imperfections of the figure. 

Since ancient times, a long dress emphasized femininity and elegance, so always was present in the wardrobe of a woman. 2016 long evening dresses, in contrast to everyday ones, have more complex cut, decorative elements, even a train. A dress with a train is somehow uncomfortable but it gives weightlessness, charm, so sometimes it's worth some discomfort.

At all times, long dresses were considered to be the top of grace, and in modern times short dresses are more widely recognized, thanks to the fact that they are not only beautiful, but also comfortable. They, as well as the long ones, can be worn for solemn occasions. Modern fashion presents beautiful mini dresses for all types of events.

What to wear with an evening dress? 

The best variants to wear with evening dresses in 2016 are: additional accessories, shoes, depending on where you are invited, the style of yout outfit. For social banquets, solemn events, you can wear a fitted dress and complement it with a string of pearls, which will favorably emphasize the taste, style and elegancy of the owner of this wear. Сlutch bag and court shoes can complete the look. Jackets and light scarves can also complement the evening wear. 

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